Our Coffees are freshly roasted to order


Big Guns Coffee is a high-octane coffee line created by a high-octane individual, TShane Johnson. Johnson (TShane’s his nickname) has survived deadly motorcycle wrecks, been robbed and left for dead, and he’s been homeless. He’s hiked across the US to raise funds for homeless veterans 3 times, regularly breaks world-record challenges, and has written three best selling books. He’s a  Marine Corps Veteran, serial entrepreneurmotivational speaker, madman, authorworld record athlete, and philanthropist, but most importantly, he’s a father.


Enter the creation of Big Guns Coffee. The brainchild of Johnson’s seven-year-old daughter, Charli Johnson. Charli, a budding entrepreneur in her own right, suggested she and her pops create a coffee brand. She insisted the brand embody the fast-living, risk-taking, and never quit spirit that is her dad. And that’s why Big Guns Coffee is not your average “cup of joe.” Each roast (there are 38 blends from every corner of the earth) are not only tasty as hell, but extraordinarily high in caffeine, like, crush-your-life-goals-on-a-daily-basis high in caffeine. We even have the First North Carolina Hydroponic Coffee Farm EVER!


TShane and Charli are the ultimate daddy-daughter coffee duo. Every Sunday, they hit the garage to hand-roast their beans. They work tirelessly to ensure that you’re gonna get the tastiest and most motivating coffee on the planet.


In a world with packed Starbucks on every corner, Big Guns Coffee will ship direct to your house or you can visit anyone of our stores located in North Carolina or South Carolina. Good riddance to long lines and coffee that tastes burnt. Just pure deliciousness that’ll give you the daily spike you need to get Fired, Wired, and Inspired!

We Grow it! We Roast! We Serve it! We Recycle it!


Welcome to The Big Guns Family.